Thursday, February 17, 2011

1983 Yamaha XJ900 Seca anti dive

If your refreshing, renewing, or restoring a motorcycle, one of the costs involved is part replacement. This video offers a great tip on saving money on o-rings. Also mentioned is a must have tool for detail work -  Dremel. Mine has two speeds and I buy the small wire brushes at the local tool supply store; 10 to a pack for cost savings. If you buy them at the big box hardware stores, they are sold individually and quite expensive. Any tips from our readers, please pass along and we'll post them.  JF

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

1983 Yamaha XJ900 Seca and 1983 XJ900 Seca-SST

I can now cross this off my bucket list....a used stock 1983 Yamaha XJ900 Seca sitting side by side with the 1983 Yamaha XJ900 Seca-SST. This video will give the viewer a good idea of the differences between the two bikes.  I will continue to produce videos that will show the process needed to update the Japanese bikes of the 70s, 80s, and 90s. While I can't offer update tips on all the bikes of this era, a lot of what you'll see can be applied to your individual bike. Carb rebuilds, brake rebuild, steering head and wheel bearing replacement, plastic repair, and modifications. We hope you'll pass along your tips in pictures and clips. You can subscribe to our YouTube channel at JonFJ1200. Stay tuned....JF

Sunday, February 13, 2011

The original 1983 Yamaha XJ900 Seca

The benefits to having a website and blog are seen in the above video. I was contacted about two years ago through the website by a gentlemen named John, we talked bikes, modifications, and have stayed in touch. About two weeks ago John sent me an email asking if I might be interested in purchasing his 900 Seca. Seems the frailties of life have caught up to him....he has cancer and is not expected to live more than a year.

John wants the bike to go to someone who would appreciate it and not 'bob' or cafe it. At first the asking price was way to high, but with some emails and phone calls we worked out a fair price. This video shows the pick up and then some of the things that will need attention.  Stay tuned for video's of this bike along side the SST.

Ride often, ride safe,


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

1983 Yamaha XJ900 Seca-SST

In 2007 I finally fulfilled one of my goals and modified a 1983 Yamaha XJ900 Seca. The inspiration came from seeing old printed drawings claimed to be a possible prototype of the 900 with the Yamaha 650 Turbo Seca fairing. Further research lead to pictures of the XJ750D Seca; a bike only produced in Japan (see earlier post for more details on this bike).  Thus was born the XJ900 Seca-SST (acronym for Standard Sport Touring), and a pursuit in a new college degree.

After I built the bike I decided to see if anyone else would be interested in my work so I contacted folks withing the motorcycle industry and was overwhelmed with their response....."send photo's, send build history, send more information."  Mitch Boehm at Moto Retro Illustrated was launching his first issue and invited me to send pictures and info. I'm grateful to be in the premier issue, published fall of 2009. Then the ball started rolling, of the UK did a story on us, followed by, part 1 (900 Seca) and part 2 (900 Seca). Next Paul Crowe at (link), and finally (link).

All of the attention lead to the realization that I needed to be better versed in many different areas. From computer skills, to e-marketing, to writing....time for this middle aged white guy to go back to school. Enjoying the process, the new friends from all around the world, and just plain riding.

Ride safe, ride often, JF

Monday, February 7, 2011

2011 Ducati 1198SP, 2011 Ducati Diavel, 2011 Ducati Multistrada

The world press is a buzz with Ducati's new Diavel. 1198cc V-Twin sourced from the successful Multistrada. Weighing in at just 456 pounds and putting out a whopping 162 horsepower, the Diavel("devil" in Bolognese) is looking to top the mph's at 150. To all you cruiser guys, there's a new game in town.
This clip first shows the new 1198SP, and then the odd looking Multistrada, followed by the Diavel.

Ride often, ride safe  JF

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Bowl XLV - Goal Post Harley-Davidson

Today is Super Bowl Sunday. The Pittsburgh Steelers play the Greenbay Packers. So how does a motorcycle nut head like me celebrate the big day?  Internet image shopping of course! When I saw this picture I immediately thought of Paul Sr. over at Orange County Choppers. Was it one of Paul's new 'theme' bikes? It had all the earmarks, custom paint, custom pipes, custom sissy bar, and of course the custom ape hangers (handlebars). But wait, as my ever warped mine seized on the idea....this could be the Goal Post Super Bowl Bike!
No Paul Sr. didn't create it, however some dude, somewhere is lining this bike up for an extra point.
Enjoy your Sunday, eat some chips, followed by a Root Beer chaser....JF

Saturday, February 5, 2011

1972 Norton 750 Combat Commando, 1966 Harley-Davidson XLCH Cafe Racer, and 1915 Harley J Model Cannonball Ride

Of these three bikes the 1972 Norton 750 Combat Commando captures my heart the most. With Norton now in production again in UK, Norton lovers the world over can celebrate it's return. I picked the background music at random, and bingo....seems to fit the 'feel' for the era.  Ride often, ride safe.  JF